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SCO Unveils Intellectual Property License for Linux

SCO Unveils Intellectual Property License for Linux

The SCO Group has released details of its plan to sell its Intellectual Property License for Linux. The introductory license price will be $699 for a single CPU system,  through October 15th, 2003. After that date, the price will double. The run-time license permits the use of SCO's intellectual property, in binary form only, as contained in Linux distributions. By purchasing a SCO Intellectual Property License, customers avoid infringement of SCO's intellectual property rights in Linux 2.4 and Linux 2.5 kernels. Because the SCO license authorizes run-time use only, customers also comply with the General Public License, under which Linux is distributed.

"We have identified numerous files of unlicensed UNIX System V code and UNIX System V derivative code in the Linux 2.4 and 2.5 kernels," said Chris Sontag, senior vice president and general manager of SCOsource, the intellectual property licensing division of SCO. "We believe it is necessary for Linux customers to properly license SCO's IP if they are running Linux 2.4 kernel and later versions for commercial purposes. The license insures that customers can continue their use of binary deployments of Linux without violating SCO's intellectual property rights."

Beginning this week, SCO will start meeting with commercial Linux customers to present the details of this right to use SCO intellectual property binary licensing program. Pricing for multiple CPU systems, single CPU add-ons, desktop systems and embedded systems will be available on SCO's Web site.

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Most Recent Comments
Chojin 11/03/03 05:24:51 AM EST

Graham: It's probably everywhere since the whole Linux project started by practically copying source code out of commercial UNIXes available at the time....
Torvalds didn't invent nor coded it from scratch, although he surely might say otherwise now...
I remember more than one article on Linux when he first appeared on more than just one IT magazine that was clearly saying that Linux code was ripped off of commercial UNIXes...
I wouldn't be surprised to see IBM claiming ownership of many other parts of the code inside it....
Also, considering that the majority of code written during the years for Linux it's usually made by professional programmers in their spare time which try to "re-utilize" the same code they had to use for their job on either commercial UNIX environments or MS Windows ones or other fields and OSes (although in a obviously way worse way because it's their spare time, they don't risk to get fired and it's not their main job....) ...then it's clear that few of all Linux base it's made out of original coding from scratch... and so I wouldn't be suprised to see many other intellectual properties being claimed over almost everything coded for Linux with few exceptions.

Arthur B. 10/27/03 04:34:23 PM EST

In short: SCO has no case and IBM is looking to return the favour. Aka: bye, bye SCO.

What will be interesting to see is what kind of documents and communications will be discovered by the ones who buy the remains of SCO. Aka: what really motivated SCO to do this kamikazi attack.

James 09/18/03 09:12:49 PM EDT

Watch as before your very eyes, SCO/Caldera morphs into Microsoft!


mcbride isa moron 09/12/03 05:02:13 PM EDT

I pity SCO for their sufferings...they suffer coz they have a stu*** CEO in the name of McBride who doesn't know how to make the company turnaround...

who thinks that the only way to earn money is to do highway robbery on broad day light in front of the feds...

who made a hellll of agreement with MS in disguise of collaboration (howwly mowwwwlieee!) so as to kill the "open source community"...

who's posture is nothing more than a 'FASTOW' one ... (still remember this guy?)...

i guess it's time for him to learn the looney tunes motto..."if you can't beat them, do what?"

ken drushal 09/11/03 07:40:36 AM EDT

nortel,worldcom,enron,now sco and who knows how many more.
will the scum buckets never learn?

Bob Wilson 09/08/03 02:35:53 PM EDT

Help SCO, mail them an AOL disc.

With all the free trials, they could 'hunt' down Linux users around the world.

So... be a sport. Mail SCO a disc today!
(can't wait to see the mail-room)

Norman Elliott 08/15/03 09:33:51 AM EDT

WHo owns SCO? Could it be Microsoft. It would make sense, after all they are frightenend of Linux :-))

Jean-Francois 08/12/03 02:42:15 PM EDT

SCO should probably be aware that all they are doing is giving themselves a black-eye with all the unix freaks. Not a very smart move if you ask me, but maybe they are in panic mode due to business problems and trying anything they can to stay afloat? Hmmmm.

Ed Martin 08/11/03 04:01:22 PM EDT

I can't wait until this is done with! SCO will lose. I have a friend who has been holding their stock for a few years and has lost his shirt, now it's up and I told him over the weekend to sell it because SCO is going down. This is the most pathetic underhanded corporate maneuver ( Enron and friends excluded ) I have ever seen. I would like nothing better than to go out for a couple of beers with Mr. McBride when all is said and done and he is kicked to the curb. I will be there to kick him when he is down. PATHETIC!

shawnlee zang 08/11/03 03:35:41 AM EDT

how can we protect Linux if someone want to glom on to it?

DrEvil 08/08/03 12:06:28 PM EDT

How about calling their sales number (800-726-8649, listed
in the License for Linux FAQ) and complaining over and over? If one spends 30 min with some SCO sales guy on the phone, asking stupid questions and bitching and complaining that could keep them busy for a while... for those of us who have lots of time, of course.

amunchet 08/08/03 11:25:10 AM EDT

Hey Mr. Knowles,
SCO's arguing that RedHat and other linux distributors "painted a bullseye on the back [of their customers]" by not having anything in the eula that says they would take responsibility for the software. In my opinion thats bs.

MrGone! 08/08/03 10:15:24 AM EDT

SCO has nothing but to try an underhanded approach to try and disrupt the Linux community. Truth is their product line sux. Jeesh did I say product line

Edmond A. Knowles 08/08/03 10:08:46 AM EDT

I don't understand how Linux users can be sued for using an product, even if it does infringe on copyright or IP. Can you be sued by the author of a plagiarized book if you read the book? Can those who used MSDOS 6.0 be sued by Stacker (Microsoft stole their compression technology)? This is stupid. SCO can't sell their inferior product (Unixware) so it wants the users of a superior product to send them money??? SCO is just trying to prey on ignorance, but I think they've overestimated how uninformed people are. And up until a few weeks ago, didn't SCO (aka Caldera) distribute Linux. Are they going to require their own customers (users of Caldera Linux) to pony up Unixware Licenses??? This is stupid, stupid, stupid...

burn 08/08/03 05:55:52 AM EDT

these sco f**ls have some serious brain damage and require serious surgery. their story is to collect money from the linux community to make a bunch of bald headed f**ls they called share holders happy. licence my a**

ical 08/08/03 03:14:51 AM EDT

Hehehe...SCO is kidding...I can't imagine how much dollar that SCO want to must be trillion bucks!!!!! or to buy candy bar to cover utah region..

Mustrum Ridcully 08/07/03 06:26:14 PM EDT

$699, eh? How about a great, fat middle finger and a boot up the arse? I bought a distro from Mandrake, and I paid my money to MandrakeSoft, intentionally. SCO be damned.

Graham 08/07/03 01:02:17 PM EDT

Hi - I have the source code to the Linux Kernel - its here on my disc (What other OS gives you that?) Could anyone point out - or point me in the direction of information that can tell me exactly where SCO's code exists ? Why havent SCO made this public ? Am I being thick here ? I read that you could even read humour elements - the only ones I could find where Linus's - perahps he thought it could be neater but he didnt have the time ?

tecova 08/07/03 12:31:58 PM EDT

Yeah SCO, be prepared to fight the new Novell while you're at it!

Leonardo 08/07/03 12:18:13 PM EDT

Well, at the end we have to thank SCO!
Sometimes it's useful to laugh ... or not?

Leonardo 08/07/03 12:18:01 PM EDT

Well, at the end we have to thank SCO!
Sometimes it's useful to laugh ... or not?

Mr. FuYa 08/06/03 11:27:35 PM EDT

SCO, I gottcha '699' hangin!

amunchet 08/06/03 05:31:03 PM EDT


noose 08/06/03 03:58:11 PM EDT

OMG, is anyone really going to (choke) swallow this garbage?