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Like any time-sharing system, Linux achieves the magical effect of an apparent simultaneous execution of multiple processes by switching from one process to another in a very short time frame. This article deals with scheduling, which is concerned with when to switch and which process to choose. The article consists of three parts. Part One introduces the choices made by Linux to schedule processes in the abstract. Part Two discusses the data structures used to implement scheduling and the corresponding algorithm. Finally, Part Three describes the system calls that affect process scheduling. Scheduling Policy The scheduling algorithm of traditional Unix operating systems must fulfill several conflicting objectives: fast process response time, good throughput for background jobs, avoidance of process starvation, reconciliation of the needs of low- and high-priority... (more)

Linux Comes One Step Closer to Liberating the Xbox

On the theory that Microsoft's Xbox must be a Unix widget because it's got a "X" in its name, the so-called open source Xbox Linux Project has been laboring for months to displace the stripped-down Windows 2000 kernel that runs the thing with a 386version of Linux and turn it into a desktop, server or node rather than the gaming console the gods in Redmond have so far decreed it to be until they, of course, decide it's time to morph it into an Internet access device. And, eureka, the project's got what it calls the first full Linux distribution for the thing, a version of the wee... (more)

PeopleSoft Looks Like It Wants Oracle to Ante Up More

Well, here we are three weeks into Oracle's bid to acquire PeopleSoft and, unless some miracle has happened on the sly, nobody's talked to anybody yet. Unless you call the PeopleSoft board's preemptory and unanimous rejection of Oracle's sweetened $6.3 billion offer as piddling talking. Or PeopleSoft hiring Gary Reback, the former Wilson Sonsini partner, who put the Microsoft antitrust suit in train, to go put a stick through Oracle's wheel. Now with Carr & Ferrell, after a spell as CEO of a start-up telephony outfit, Reback can go churn up a lot a dust with Connecticut and whate... (more)

Red Flag to Peddle RTLinux in China

Red Flag, China's Linux darling, will resell and support RTLinuxPro, FSMLabs' hard real-time software, and other products domestically. FSMLabs and Red Flag plan to work together to jointly develop board support packages for standard embedded systems, development tools and variants of Linux for verticals such as telecommunications. The Socorro, New Mexico-based FSMLabs has been steadily expanding its presence in the Asian market either directly or through partners. Besides China, it has dropped anchor in Korea, Japan and India. FSMLabs' CEO Victor Yodaiken brags that the company is... (more)

SCO Escalates Letter-Writing War on Linux

Having failed to persuade the end-user establishment of the necessity of paying its so-called Linux tax, the SCO Group has upped the ante and last Thursday quietly started sending letters to maybe 3,000 end users, including 41 of the Fortune 100, that have source code licenses to SVR5 Unix, which SCO inherited from AT&T, basically telling them they can't run Linux binaries. SCO also started sending another letter to what it calls "select" Fortune 1000 Linux users last Friday telling them that Linux violates the US Copyright Act, including the widely loathed Digital Millennium Copyr... (more)